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what is your job?


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as a boyfriend

as a girlfriend



sorry about the stupid question, but i am really having a hard time with this.


I came out of 3.5 yr relationship about 9yrs ago, and been single ever since.

i never really had any reason to be in a relationship. never felt lonely or anything.


Until I met my current girl a few month back, ... she had me at HELLO! ... ever since I saw her, I had strong desire to wanting to be with her. Spent 4 month left and right to get her to go out with me. Finally that we are in a relationship ... I am having a hard time! ... isn't life wonderful!?!?


She's not doing things that I thought she was supposed to do. (But, that was ONLY my thoughts! )

I think I am doing everything and more that I thought I am supposed to do.

But, I really feel like I am giving 100% and taking 10% back.


Some tell me, it's not about how much you give and how much you take. I guess that's true.


If you will ... please don't ask any questions about my current relationship (people tend to ask questions .. in order to give better answer to the original question .. but ...)

Just simply type what comes to your mind ... to a simple stupid question of ...


"what is your job as a boy/girlfriend."


thanks all in advance.

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My role as a girlfriend includes all I would do for a close friend - listening, being supportive, patient, dependable, loyal, nurturing. Beyond that I feel that I agree to see him at least on weekends, to attend couples/family functions with him if I can (and to make those a priority), to be respectful and express myself when I am angry or confused so things don't build up, etc. I also agree to be in regular touch with him.


It's odd to answer this because these are all things I like to do - not what my "job" is. I guess my only obligation (although I want this to) is to be faithful since we are exclusive.


All of the things I listed, he does for me too.

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I feel that a significant other's role is to...bring light and happiness into the other person's life in a way that nobody else can. I don't think there's a set pattern of things that they do...It's all different and unique for every person. But I do think that Batya33 described the basics very well.

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I can't answer the original question but can say that where you are very keen and she isn't that much into you means that there's a string chance you won't last until Christmas. You need a more even relationship than this if you wish for something long term.

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