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Too old to be a father


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It sounds like it is too late now or its it? People today do what ever they want to do. I do not think it is a good idea to have a baby at such an age but people do it all the time. For example, all the Hollywood movie stars. The only bad thing about having kids at such an age is that this person may die when the kids are young. This man may not get a chance to see his children grow up.

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No that isn't too old. My mother gave birth to me when she was 40 years old. At the time my father was 55. My dad has since passed away, but my mom still looks as good as she did when I was a young child...


I say as long as your reproductive facilities are still viable then you aren't too old.


The only reason to worry is well into her 30's and 40's and having her first child. Genetic problems do arise in some cases. But that can be solved by speaking to genetic counselors and regular prenatal care.

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Well biologically no, it is not too old to become a father, but I guess that is not what you are asking about.


Hard to say. I think you have to judge these things on the individual mertis of each case. Someone can be vital and healthy at 50 and decrepit and falling apart at the age of 35.


IMHO 50 would be about the upper limit I think for someone to have a child and still be able to safely assume that they could bring said child to adulthood without TOO many issues. But who knows? A woman of 63 recently had a baby in this country!

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No that isn't too old. My mother gave birth to me when she was 40 years old. At the time my father was 55. My dad has since passed away, but my mom still looks as good as she did when I was a young child...


That's right...me and FoxLocke have similar stories. If 50 was too old, me and FoxLocke would not be here today.....

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Well, it all depends on personal preference I think like the other posters have said.


Men usually live 8 yrs less than a woman, so you might take that into account in terms of having to raise a child.


If you feel comfortable and are both in good health, I think the outcome can be very positive.


Besides, people are having children later and later in life these days since medical technology is so great.


I think it depends on culture too, with my relatives, everyone had children beginning at 14, so now they're children are much older and have had children already, so I guess it just depends on what you want.


I personally think a baby is the greatest joy ever, so if you go into it knowing the potential outcomes, I think you are just that much better off.


Hugs, Rose

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I don't think 50 is too old at all; it just all depends on how well a person ages. My parents are over a decade in age apart, and my dad was 54 when my mom had my little sister.


I think from many responses here, you can tell it is not an unheard of thing at all! Of course, you, or you both, will have to judge your own personal situation.

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My dad was 50 when he had me, and my mother 24 (bit of an age difference!). They have been happily married for over forty years now, and my dad is in his eighties. I am *very* close to him, love him to bits, and feel privileged to have been able to spend so much time with him because he was retired when I was a little girl.


So no, I don't think it's too old, from my own experience! But to be honest, I don't think it's about age, I think it's about the person and the couple, and everything else.


Good luck!

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My father-in-law was 52 when my husband was born. He died when my husband was 21, and I never got to meet him, and my children will never be able to meet him. This makes my husband pretty sad.


It's certainly not ideal - I certainly wouldn't want to see a man wait until he was 50 to have a child. But, if the man is in good health, he'll have at least a good 20 years with the child.

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You have to take alot of things into consideration if you are over 50 and have a baby. People over 50 do tend to have more health problems than someone who is 30 or 40. Are you financially stable? If something happens to you and you cant work do you have enough money to survive and care for your child? Do you have health insurance? If something happens to you do you have enough money to leave to the child to make sure he/she is taken care of in life?

I think its perfectly fine to have a baby over 50, but be realistic. Health issues are more common.

My father was 53 when i was born and had a stroke 2 months after i was born, he had no health insurance and went broke, had us all stuck in a high crime area. My Mom had to take 4 jobs and could barely make rent..So please be careful.

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I think 50 is too to fatherold because of the risks of schizophrenia, autism, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc. in the child. Of course there is a greater chance of a normal child but read the literature on an older father's affect on the health of especially daughters. Good luck in what you choose. I don't want to alarm but I speak from experience. Sperm donation is limited in some cases to 35, 37, 38, 0r 40 because of genetic risks.

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