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i posted on here a few days ago how i "thought" i was over my ex.i saw her out last night when i was clubbing and my heart started thudding,it was horrible.i put a brave face on tho and acted like i was having the time of my life.Then as the night went on she came over to me and started shouting and raving.Someone told her that when we were together i slept with another girl,this is rubbish as i loved her more than anything and would never of done this.It ended with her saying she hates me and wouldnt p*ss on me if i was on fire.Where did this all come from?i was out enjoying myself and BANG.It hurts a little because i still Love her, i know were not going to get back together but i wouldnt mind being able to say hello to the girl when i see her.Why does it have to be like this?

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