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Ok so a simple version of a ton of my previous posts....I talked with this girl over summer a lot, her parents are really picky about a lot of stuff and she didn't get to leave the house a lot. So i guess we just bonded because she didn't really have anyone else to bond with. I took it the wrong way and thought she liked me so i told her I also liked her, which I did. She said she didn't and said we were good friends.


Before she used to tell me everything, like I mean everything, this is pretty lame but i was like her best girlfriend (even though im a guy, but just as an example of like how two girls can get really close). So now obviously things have changed and for a while (two weeks) she was completely dry to me and now shes a bit better, like how she was before the summer when we got really close.


The truth is I miss that, being really close to her....so now I don't know what to do??? I really don't want to bring in any awkwardness back so I don't know....should I just leave things as is...


What I have been doing uptil now is not msg her only respond if she msgs, even in school just be normal and try not to be around her 24/7 stuff like that. And the response I'm gettin is that she doesn't msg me a lot like she did b4 or always try to be around me like she did b4. I so regret telling her I liked her.......damn this sucks.


Today her msn name was something somethin then it said "dnd" (do not disturb) but i wanted to remind her to bring somethin for tomm so i was like "bring this and thats it i wont disturb anymore" and shes like its ok u can disturb i put that there becuz i dont want to talk to someone. Now in the past im sure I would have known who that someone was but now....nope. I don't know being that close to a girl seems kind of loserish...girls normally only tell that kind of stuff to other girls. I guess she was just lonely during the summer and I was there so she bonded with me.

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The last sentence of your post suggests that you think the girl concerned only became close friends with you because she had no one else to talk to over the summer. I think that's really unlikely to be true. This is more like boy meets girl, then boy and girl misunderstand each other


Girls supposedly have a tendency to form much more intense personal relationships with our friends than guys do. This really doesn't apply to all girls and it doesn't mean that girls can't or don't also form casual relationships with less close friends and acquaintances. Do you really think that this girl would become close friends with you because she had no one else to hang out with over the summer?


She probably did start hanging out with you because you were available, but she obviously decided she liked you as a person. Otherwise, friendship so close that she told you everything would never have developed between you both. She just would have hung out with you, for something to do, until summer ended.


She seems to be a decent person who is trying to avoid hurting your feelings. She obviously considered you a close friend and because you told her you like her in a romantic sense, she thinks its unkind to be that close to you because she only thinks of you as a friend. If you want that closeness back again, its going to take time and you'll have to convince her that you see her solely as a close friend. It can't be forced but if you stay friends with her you might get some or all of the closeness you had with her back


"being that close to a girl seems kind of loserish"!? You should be so lucky

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