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Ok so my bf and I had been together for awhile and very serious about each other and had discussed marriage several times. I graduated last year from college and was planning on moving to accross the country to attend grad school. My bf was 2 years younger and still had some undergrad work to finishbut was planning on changing schools anyway.


My BF always acted like he wanted to come along with me for months. However a few months before we broke-up he changed his mind about moving and we fought about it all the time. He wanted me to stay in the area and I really wanted him to come with me. He didn't really try to convince me to stay but rather just suggested it.


In May I moved home which was 2 and half hours from him. We broke up in July and it was a quick and crappy phone break-up. Anyway it has been bothering me ever since if my moving plans were really the cause. Since we are NC I haven't really discussed it with him. He used it as a reason when he broke up saying "well you won't be around anymore"


The part I find weird is that he broke up with me months before I was planning to move and my move is still dependent on whether I get into school or not. I just don't understand if my move was really the reason he sure didn't beg me to stay or wait until I left to end it. My friends believe he was distancing himself beforehand.


Any opinions about this?


I've been obsessing about it lately.

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well... i don't think that the move was the real reason behind the breakup. it just sounds like a convient excuse.


you said it yourself, you weren't even accepted to the school. and just because you moved didn't mean that he couldn't join you, or that you the move would be permanent. many people can and do make long-distance relationships work everyday.


yeah, there was probably something else (someone else?) that brought down the relationship. i don't know if you'll ever find the answer that you are looking for. maybe best to accept the relationship is over and move on.


god luck

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