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Cute Yugoslavian guy asked me on a date

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This weekend I'm going on my first date(well, first date with another guy).


There is this really cute(he's hot!) Yugoslavian guy in my physics class. He plays on the tennis team, and he has this wonderfully goofy smile and adorable Eastern European accent...


I met him at the beginning of the semester but I didn't think he was gay. However, we started conversing alot in and out of class. So, the day before yesterday, he comes to lecture wearing his tennis practice apparel. Needless to say I checked him out on the sly. I check him out alot, But this time I wasn't as stealthy about it. So he caught me looking at him and laughed. I played it off and pretended to be lstaring at something on the floor(doh!).


So as I was leaving the room he said he wanted to walk with me to my next class. After a few minutes he just blatantly asked me, in his cute Yugoslavian accent, "Do you have a boyfriend?"

At first I was shocked then I looked at him and sorta laughed...

So I said, "Uhm...not really, why?"

"Well, would you want to go out sometime? Maybe Saturday night?"

"Yeah, that would be great!"


So we traded names and phone numbers...


So this Saturday will be my first time going to a gay club.


I am so nervous.


What should I wear (I have alot of great shirts, but I think I may need something new)? What are gay clubs like? Are they a lot different from straight clubs(well, obviously a little different)?


Well, I'm excited...in a good way. The cute Yugoslavian guy is really nice.

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Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope you have a great time!!!!


What should I wear (I have alot of great shirts, but I think I may need something new)? What are gay clubs like? Are they a lot different from straight clubs(well, obviously a little different)?



I've been to gay clubs a couple of times before with my "gay" friends. I found them fun. I do not think they are good places for a first date though because, just like any other club, there tends to be loud music playing and it's not a good environment for conversation. If you are going to the club, be sure to do dinner first so you can at least get some conversation in.


What you wear is really going to depend on the type of place you are going to. Some clubs are very formal and others sporty and casual.



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That's awesome!!! Let us know how it goes!!! Yeah- Eastern Europeans are hot (my boyfriend is Croatian, or at least he says he is. No accent though.


As for what to wear- wear something that you feel attractive in. You probably have a favorite shirt or something to that effect. Don't wear something that you're not comfortable with. You'll be fine I'm sure.


I'm so happy for you!!

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Congrats! I can't believe he blantantly asked you if you had a boyfriend. At least you know he's comfortable in his own skin. Keep us posted on how it goes!


I have never been to a "gay" club that was mixed or just for guys, but I've been to all women clubs. The ones I've been to I didn't like too much. The one in Seattle had a lot of butch women, which isn't my type. I like the femmes. Then it was hard for me to chat up with some of the women because a lot of them were there with their girlfriends and their girlfriends would get jealous and they would actually leave the bar. LOL Sort of funny.


I think guy ones are probably different. There's probably many, many single guys there. It sounds like it will be fun. Wear something that you feel comfortable in, that you know that you look good in, and that is a slight upgrade from your normal every day wear. You want your date to think that you look sexy.



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Well, here is the details on my first gay date...haha.


Okay, Marco (the cute Yugoslavian guy...haha) came to my house around 8 O'clock p.m. I wore a nice shirt and some casual slacks. He told me to bring a change of clothes with me though(the club we went to later was part dance club part bar...).


Okay, I am really nervous and hoping this goes well. I've had a crush on him since the beginning of the semester...


He showed up right on time, which was a major plus. I waited for him to ring the door bell atleast twice so it wouldn't seem like I was too eager. So I open the door and he has a bouquet of flowers... That was really nice(that earned him points)! I put them in some water and said thanks.


So after that I got all of my stuff and got in the car...we drove into the city and chatted the whole time. We have tons in common, much to my surprise(he even likes Star Wars!)...


So We had dinner at the Olive Garden Restauraunt. I ate Spaghetti, and I don't remember what he ate...Anyway, we talked for atleast two hours. I could just feel that we had great chemistry, not to mention that he is really, really, handsome... I was telling corny jokes and self deprecating stories to make him laugh, because I love his slightly crooked smile...lol

The coolest thing about the area of town we were in was that half the couples in the restaurant were gay too. So I felt really comfortable being flirtateous...lol.


Afterwards we went to his apartment to change clothes. His roommate was home but he is a cool guy. He knows The Cute Yugoslavian guy is gay, and is totally fine with it. After we get all changed we went to the club(which was only two blocks from his house). At this point I am really nervous because I've never been to any clubs(except this one straight one years ago)before...I didn't know what to expect. That particular night the line in was very long, and there were all kinds of guys there(there were some females there too)..and loads of them were cute!


Anyway, me and the cute Yugoslavian guy go in and the place is so wild...In a good way! They had music from tons of different popular artists; and there were all of these shirtless dancers voguing on table tops...It was so crazy...lol. It wasn't totally dark(like portrayed in movies), you could see everyone. I went to the bar and had a drink. That kind of loosened me up...

Then the cute Yugoslavian guy asked me if I wanted to dance. So I said cool. A fast song was playing and that was really fun. I can dance a little bit... When we danced together there was total chemisty.

Then, while we were dancing this really GOOD LOOKING guy, with his shirt off, comes inbetween us and starts flirting with me! I was taken by surprise by that...He was REALLY handsome and had great pecs...lol. So my date took his shirt off and sorta nudged him out of the way! lol The other guy looked a bit peeved so I let him know that I was with my date.


Besides that, the cute Yugoslavian guy looks really great with no shirt on as well. He tried to get me to take mine off but no way...lol. Maybe next time...


So we stayed there until around twelve before we left. I got my stuff from his apartment and After I changed back into my other clothes he drove me back home. By this time I am no longer uptight about anything because I had so much fun. Long story short we ended up Frenching in the car...haha. And he is a great kisser. He didn't rape my face, it was a nice, slow, and passionate kiss. Afterwards, he asked me if I wanted to go out again...So I said sure. But this time I would pick him up.


So I went into the house and half and hour later he calls me back and we stay on the phone until 4 a.m...lol


Anyway, I had a really great time and we are going out again this weekend. I think he has boyfriend potential...I hope!

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Hehe. tell us the truth you were still pretty excited when you wrote this hehe. It's noticeable in the mistakes you made and the way you wrote hehe.


I'm glad everything went well. Good luck on the second date as well. Hope he'll turn out to be a great boyfriend.

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Hi FoxLocke,


Yay!!!\\ I am so happy for you sounds like potential boyfriend material to me as well,you guys seem made for each other.I hope it continues to go great for you.You seem like such a wonderful person.You deserve this

Keep us updated with you and him.


If he's smart he'll hold on to you,



Yes indeed he would be a fool to let go of you.

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