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WOW, you are really going through a lot. I have just started taking Zoloft a little over a month now, and I'm hearing stuff all over the place about how hard it is to come off of it.


The thing that I don't get is that some people say they are having side-effects, but I haven't gotten any. I don't know if it's just my tolerance, or if it's because I am only on 50mg.


Can I ask, what are these brain zingers that you refer to? I've never experienced it, or if I have, I didn't know. Well you aren't the only one saying how aweful it is to quit cold turky, so I know that when it's time I will ween SLOWWWWLY!!


Good luck with all of this. I think it's great that you are keeping a journal. I kept a journal during the first few weeks of starting it, just to see how my feelings changed. So far I think things are working out, I don't feel much different, but I'm a lot calmer, and feel my depression is less.

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hi, i started a similar thread but i am taking paxil which has withdrawal effects just as bad as zoloft.


50mg is actually a good amount that you're taking. i was on 37.5mg at most and i felt different side effects than what i felt when i was withdrawing from it.


the initial side effects were slight dizziness, sweaty palms, tingling in the back of my neck. i don't know if you've ever taken ecstasy but if you have, it feels like the "e" is starting to kick in.


the withdrawal effects are much worse and that's when you get those electrical "zaps" or "impulses". it happens when i move my eyes left or right. i get the sensation i am moving and, at the same time, i get these "impulses" that shoot down to my fingertips and toes. Nausea also is a symptom.


definitely wean off is as slowly as possible. i couldn't take the withdrawal effects anymore and convinced my shrink to call in 1 more rx so i can cut down the dosage slowly.


take care.


oh yeah, the changes that happen are subtle and you won't notice right away. it takes anywere from 4 weeks to 6 months for the drug to take effect. a month is about long enough to notice some slight differences. it wasn't until a few months of being on it that i noticed a real change in thinking and feeling.

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Deejay, thank you for your reply. I've never tried "e", but I think I remember the first time I took the Zoloft, I felt a warmth come accross me. It went away after the first time, though.


I think i'll be on this for at least a year. So far I don't see it being a problem, and i've only been on it for a little over a month, and since it takes up to six months to see the full effects; it's probably a good idea that I don't come off of it anytime soon.


Good luck, and i'm glad your making the decision to ween off slower next time. I'm glad there are message boards like these to help us communicate openly with other people in the same situations.



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Hi Guys! I'm alive! I made it! what a long strange trip it's been. There's good news on the other side....all the side effects ended! finally. it's been about 60 days now, and i'm glad i took the plunge. i think through all my therapy, vegetarian diet or whatever...i'll be off for awhile. it feels so nice over here! i don't have to remember to take anything in the morning! my sleep has never been better and my alcohol intake is less due to the fact i simply can't handle it anymore...i get really sleepy when i drink. good luck to everyone going through this crap....it really hurts. Deejay...how are you doing out there?

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i am trying to come off Zoloft. i quit about 2 1/2 weeks ago. the first week was great and then it seems to have gotten worse. it is SO horrible, if i would have known this i wouldnt have done it. i was on Paxil years ago and quit cold turkey and nothing happened. i never took Zoloft before. i was on 50mg. i wonder how long this is going to last.

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