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Sounds like the age-old dilemma...wanting whatever it is we don't have at the moment.


Very common...and, left unchecked, will result in a constant, varying level of dissatisfaction with one's life. The way out of it? Appreciate what is in your life now, look for its positives and focus on those. And while it may be reasonable to be aware of and acknowledge the negatives, don't focus much attention their way or dwell on them too much.


Life is very much cyclical...so while you may have one set of circumstances now, it's very likely that, in time, you'll have a different set of circumstances entirely.

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Ah, wanting what we don't have or can't have.


That is why relationship books advise people to play hard to get, be busy, etc., so it makes the relationship ever so elusive for the other party and causes one person to chase another.


I wish I could do that, play the elusive game. I dont do that well. I tend to be honest about my feelings for others.


Human nature is strange.

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