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I have worn to a dull nub.


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I have, Or, shall I say I HAD a friend that really seemed rather odd.


I thought we had hit it off a year ago. I just gave up on her after she finally wore me to a small nub. I have put up with behaviors such as guilt trips and ignoring/avoidance if things didnt go her way. If, for example, I didnt buy her cigarettes, or something, She,d play on my emotions till I would just give in to shut her up. Now, today, for the last and final time , she avoided me online and the phone. So I finally wrote a looong IM about her avoiding me about UNKNOWN things and she would NOT even SAY what I MIGHT have done! I can NOT STAND people like that! I am so sad it had to be this way, where I finally wore to a nub and cut her off today.


Now, I have her on ignore in my IM messenger.And cut her number out of my cell phone. I was so sad that it had to come to this, but I cannot put up with her B.S. anymore!


She paid for 2 desserts and drinks for me TWICE! T-W-I-C-E!


How many times have I paid for Cokes and chips for her? 150! Does she pay back? NO! Does this look like she,s using me? I THINK SO!




She said she had an XBOX 360 or me if we went to a hotel or a while. Here comes another zinger! So we gets ready to go to a hotel for a few days. Says she,ll call me as she leaves her place to get into a cab to bring over here to pick me up. Call was supposed to come at 3 PM. NO call and I GAVE her 1/2 hour, then I got worried, as I knew she has health problems.Wondered if she had suddenly "Got Sick" again. Noooo answer. Then I tried to call later,no answer yet. thereforeeee, I figured she had to suddenly go to the hospital for breathing problems.


Fast forward to today. I call her at Noon today. An answer. Not that big of an answer. I says Hi and she just hagns up.First I think her phone cut out. Then I call back in a couple minutes, Mysteriausly, NO ANSWER.And I KNOW She IS home! She has a history of mysteriausly doing the disappearing act for NO reason.Then she guilt trips me about some VERY LITTLE thing.AFTER she vanishes for a few days.


So, I just decided to now vanish on her, but this time, I think I should "vanish" for keeps!


So,please, someone, tell me what you think of this. It,s killing me inside.

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