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My ex called tonight

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That feeling usually goes away after he releases some sexual tension. As sad as it sounds, I believe he only called because he wants sex.


Just thinking about it, most guys in general dont really want to do anything with a woman after sex. Only a man that really loves his wife might still feel something after the release. That's still not likely the case.


So now take into consideration this guy dumped you. A guy that came to the conclusion that he doesn't want you. What would change his mind other than sex?


Nothing. Don't fall for it, it's cold hard truth. You may think that you know the "real him" because that is what your heart is telling you. This guy isn't for you if he came to the decision just ONCE that he doesn't want to be with you. Ignore him, or don't.


It might be best for you just to go back in forth with limited contact just so you can see you will only get hurt. You can't see that it's a bad idea to contact him until you start hurting trying to play his game.

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