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Will I find someone?


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Hey Guys,



I'd just like to hear what anyone has to say about this, I'd love to hear from people with some experiences in relationships.


Earlier this year I thought I had found the perfect girl. Drop dead gorgeous, unbelievably smart. We got a long great, we had a small fling, and then she called it off. It hadn't lasted long, but I still was very upset because in my mind I had never found anyone nearly as perfect as she was. I thought I had hit the jackpot and can honestly say I've never been as attracted to any other girl in my life. Now I have the horrible feeling I will never find anyone as amazing as she is, and that it's only "downhill" from here. I know it sounds silly, but I can't help thinking it. Is it possible I won't find anyone as incredible, or that I'll always be comparing new people in my life to her? Does everyone go through this?

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Absolutely everyone goes through what you are experiencing. That's why a lot of people stay in relationships that don't mesh...they think they will never find anyone better.


The truth is, there are many many matches to every person. Find the one you're happiest with and that is your life partner


I have dated a ton of people in my life, and can honestly say that it's always a matter of 'comparison' to the last person you dated. However, eventually you will find someone to which there just isn't any comparison!


You will definitely find someone else, don't worry

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