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Life = god's gift to us all.


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Life is god's gift to us all.

Please everyone, if you are depressed and feeling and can't work it out, find someone to talk to, a friend, a priest, a clery man of your religion, a suicide hotline, someone to help you, even a shrink if need be.

But please don't hurt your self!

I will only hurt those who love you.

And yes you are loved.

By family and friends and others.

Eveyone is this world matters.

God gave you his greatest gift, which is life.

Live it, appreciate it.

If you feel bad.

Log on and we will try helping.

But find help some how.

And remember you are loved.

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Although I find believing in some "God" to be very foolish, I agree that life is the most presious thing out there. Ever since the Universe began so long ago, life has been there. Life will never go away, but there will be times life helps and times life destroys. You must repare teh destruction and charish the gift of life good or bad. Without life, the universe would have no meaning.

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There is a difference only you can make in the world.


Some people fight for every day that they have on the earth. They endure sickness and pain and a body that fails them at every chance just to breath the air outside and watch their children grow up.


Don't think that there is anything that you cannot make it through. God will not give you more than you can bear, and in his time he decides whose time it is to go home and rest. Love yourself, and love your life. Make your difference.

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Sorry, If you don't believe in God, then how can you believe in Satan?




why sorry, i do not be believe in god/s but in the tao, and that which is not locked in words or books, nore in the hands religens and there gods, I believe in That and this and the other, that dos not need to be is this, that and the other, which needs not balance yet has balance in this one and that one and all.


so sorry is meaningless, for we are.

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Though I don't believe in God, couldn't life be Satan's curse to us all?


only to thows that make there life a curse, life is, the world is and to see others is to make others. Ask this do gods live inside our out side us, for if they live out side, then all hope is lost for we will ever be there slaves, but if they live inside us then, arr then they are ours to be done with as we see fit, slaves to our wills.


Some say that this makes them not gods but as all we is inside us then why not the gods.

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