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i HAVE to stop this


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i messed up again tonight with my girlfriend. there's a band that she completely loves thats playing a concert this week. and she said she wanted to go, so i bought her and me tickets to go see them. i personally didn't really like the band when i heard a couple of their songs. this was a month ago. and that bothered her. because she's in love with the band.


i bought the tickets because i just thought it'd be nice to take her there and just show her a good time. she's been talking nonstop about the show. she was really surprised that i bought them. she told me how all of her friends love the band, her close friends - and automatically, i felt like the odd man out. i felt like she was making me feel stupid and abnormal for not liking them at first. so i kinda got annoyed by it. BUT! that wasn't her point at all. she then said how the concert might change my whole perspective on the band and how i'll end up liking them. and i turned into an * * * * * * *.


i kept saying how "why are you making me feel bad? did you want me to take you? are you wishing your other friends took you?" and kept saying things like that. and she was hurt. and angered. she said how it's completely unfair for me to accuse her of not being appreciative and how she was just repeating what i said about the band. she said i 'bashed' them and i got annoyed. i dont know why i do this. i make it seem like she says things but means it a different way. a negative way.


she also accused me of being manipulative of her feelings and how i completely turn it around and make it seem she's being insulting and making me feel bad when she didn't do anything at all.


i messed up. i dont know why i do this. i have to stop doing that. i hate this about myself. it isn't me. i feel i'm like this because i still have this negative "everyone has an agenda" feeling that i had back in high school.


anyone else like this?



just wondering, is anyone with someone that has an intrest, or favorite band - that they just can't stand or don't like?

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Oh joy! Yeah, I was with someone for several years who created music I didn't care for oftentimes.

There was talent, but I didn't care for the style of a lot of it.

Sometimes I bit my tongue and I'm sure he bit his: both with strong opinions about things. But it kept it interesting.


I wonder if you see her having interests that you are not part of a threat? It's okay to not like everything she does, and leave it at that.


Did ya apologize? Are you still going with her?

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