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Heart Surgeons...

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Most likely... Our problem is we live in Regina, we dont have GREAT doctors here... She is a nurse, so she trusts most of the doctors because they're friends... But the rest of the family would like to send here to a hospital where there are more experienced doctors... She's bent on trying to stay here so even if her doctor recommended surgeons, they would probably just be regina based...


We will find out I suppose, but for my fathers sake I told him I would try to find the names of some top doctors in Canada...

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Unfortunately, your mom is going to make her own choice, and it sounds as though she feels more comfortable with a doctor that she knows. That's not such a bad thing, as a nurse, she has a professional relationship with them and probably has a good idea of how they perform surgically. I doubt that as an educated health care professional herself that she would trust someone whom she didn't feel was excellent at what he did.

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