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If there's nothing physical there's nothing wrong.


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"If there's nothing physical there's nothing wrong." I've been telling myself this for the past year.


I think there's three types of self harm.


  • The long time pain and long time harm - starving yourself.
  • The short time pain and short time harm - cutting
  • The short time pain and long time harm - drugs.


I'm a cutter. I go periods of starving myself and the idea of overdosing hovers around my head constantly. I can't ask my friends for help, as they have severe problems of their own.


Mental health is fragile. It's not physical, there doesn't have to be any physical evidence that something is wrong. There is a problem long before physical symptoms come through.

What I'm trying to say is, don't be afraid to see a counsellor. You can be struggling without having to cut or starve. They're just cries for help.

Don't resort to cutting to let people know there is something wrong.


I was always afraid to seek help. I started cutting. Now I'll never be able to stop. I'm hurting my friends but I'm still afraid to see a counsellor because I don't want anyone else to know about the self harm.


Seek help before it gets to that.

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Please, please, try to find a way to get some professional help.... I am not a *cutter* nor have I ever starved myself, but I am an alcoholic. Thru a 12 Step program and counseling I've learned what "caused" (for lack of a better word) my alcohol abuse which eventually progressed to alcoholism. I've been sober for many years now and have no desire to harm me ever again.....I'm praying for you, hun..It will only get better if you take the first step and desire to get better.

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