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"Not wet enough"?

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No, I am not worried about school, besides, we are still on vacations.

About the cammera, yes, I understood that...

The strange thing is that when we tryed to get me ready (just before wearing the condom), she was above me, and it took me a couple of seconds to be hard, and then, the second time (already with the condom), extacly the same. But then we turn around so that I'm on top, and then after a while I loose it...

She told me that the first time she prefers to be on the bottom, cause she can relax more, and also it will hurt less... what do you think about this?

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I'm no expert but how about this.How about fooling around with your gf on top then have her on her back.iThe condom on and you two continue to touch,kiss, etc but let your gf stroke your penis during all of the touching. I hope your penis should be hard and ready to enter your gf vagina.

A good idea or not.? darth if your gf comfortable on the bottom.I would make her comfortable and then switch position.

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I dont know... I think will just start making out and fooling around like we usualy do, and then move on to that... with me touching her and she touching me and etc...

We've been both naked before (we took a shower together once) and I think I was hard all the time, so its not that when we are naked I cant keep it, I think it was just the thgouth that we were about to do it...


BTW: is there any way to change the subject of the first post?? I think nobody besides me and you are entering this thread

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Don't worry, you will definently get there. I think you guys are just building it up WAY too much and it's freaking you out. Just relax...easier said than done, I know.


I think the shower might be a little difficult, especially if you're new at it. It wouldn't be my first choice anyways. I know in my case if there's water, there's no lube, plus positioning takes a little more creativity.


I understand why she wants to be on her back...it's a little easier to control how deep you go and she really needs to relax, otherwise she'll clentch up and it will be tough to have sex.


What if you got yourself hard, then slipped on a condom, and then just rubbed yourself on her? I know it feels good, and then you guys can take a little edge off. Just stimulate her clit using your penis and don't think about how you're going to have to keep it hard, just think about how nice it feels. Rub the sensitive part of your penis on her clit, and you're both happy. THEN, if you decide to go further, go for it...if not, then hold off.


You mentioned alcohol earlier...sometimes that prevents men from getting hard, just so you know.

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Either way works.


However I would try it with the condom ON, because you don't want to break that momentum, that seems to be when things go south (no pun intended). Is that right? You can get hot and steamy, but then when you have to stop to put the condom on, that's when everything is lost, correct?


Maybe you can try rubbing on each other a little first to get things "firm" (but be careful of the little spermies, don't want a pregnancy scare), then slip it on and start right back where you ended. Then it takes the pressure off, and you are ready if you both want to take things further.


Whatever works, use your own creativity and go with the flow. Don't think too much. It is one of the basic animal instincts us humans still pay attention to, so just go with what feels good.


Also, what other kinds of foreplay do you two do? That's a HUGE factor for most of us girls. The more foreplay and the longer everything is prolonged, the easier it gets. We get relaxed, wet, and are fully prepared for any penetration.

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Well, I wasnt sure if you are a man or woman, LOL. Now I know.

To tell you the truth, touching her vagina and clit really turns me on, so I think trying what you said (rubing the penis with her clit) may really help.

During foreplay what I usualy do to her is kiss her in her mouth, neck, sometimes ears, chest, breast, etc. I also "play" with her breast and/or niplles while kissing her. And as I said, touching her down there turns me on so I do that if possible(sometimes its a little difficult if I am on top).

A week ago, just for the fun of it, I did all those same things, but focusing on kissing the nipples and touching her vagina with one hand, while with the other hand I kept both of her hands above her head. It was fun to see her trying to free herself. I enjoyed it and also did she. But thats not something we'll do often. Did it once just cause we talked about it before that.

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She's in Spain right now, she left yesterday, she comes back on tuesday, and I already miss her

I want to go to the airport when she comes back, without her knowing, and surprise her...

She went with a friend of her, and the father of that girl should go to pick them up. I dont know him, so I am planing to just wait until I see them come out from the airport, then come from behind, touch her back, and when she turns around, there I am.... hope it works out well...

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Well. She came back on tuesday night and I went to the airport. she was really happy to see me there. it was so nice. we hug each other for a while and it was like forever....

Anyways, back to topic: last nigth she sayed at my house. And again I couldnt... but this time we didnt even try. We were kissing and touching each other etc, and when I was ready, it started to come down again and we didnt even try to take the condoms...

I thougth this time it woud happen, I felt more relaxed until the time came...

I was quite upset... but we just lay at the bed, huging each other naked, and thats how we slept, so it was really nice.

And then we woke up, started to fool around again, and she gave me a h/b

It was the first time she gave me one from begning to end, and it was grate, quite short, but raly grate...

I dont know, we'll see what happen next time... i want not to think about this, but its really hard to take it out of my mind....

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