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finally feel good


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hey all,i first found this site about 3 months ago.me and my ex gf of 2 years split up and i was in so much pain.im not completley over her but i feel so much better now,i can go 2 work smiling and singing 2 all me favourite bon jovi songs!lol.just want to thank the people on here who replied to my messages.when she got with another bloke (due to her b**ch of a mum setting her up) i was devastated.but recently im feeling good. Now listen up people who have recently split with an ex and are down. NO CONTACT IS THE DOGS BO**OCKS!Since i have been doing NC i have been able 2 slowly forget about her. I broke NC many of times when i got drunk and said horrible things which i regret,we dont even speak no more.I reallly miss the late night chats but hey iv got to accept they arnt coming no more!Days come where i feel down and yes i do think of her from time to time,and probably still LOVE her,but people move on and we have got to accept it.It takes time but we all finally get there.Almost every1 goes through this pain but eventully we find some one who is right for us. Remember we split up for a reason!Also i think that if you truly LOVE some one then you should want whats best for them.If my ex is happy with her current BF then im happy for her.Im only 18 and cant give the girl 100% my full attention which is what she wanted."didnt like me going out with me mates". Maybe years down the line we might re-light again when i can give her what she wants but im not holding on 2 that.You never knw mr/mrs right could be just round the corner.I met my ex in a right crappy old pub,so it goes to show you cant FIND the right person,dont look for LOVE.Let it come to you.

Over n Out.

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