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I broke NC after 2 weeks and feel like I really need to just give up. We were together about 2 years. I asked her to go to the botanical gardens with me for a special event-she loves nature. She said she had to work for her daughter's school band. I then (not smart in retrospect) asked her out for lunch or dinner-she said she'd have to think about it and get back to me. Discouraging. Then she talked about her kids and her job etc...and how she thought I was bargaining when I came to her house to get my bike. I agreed. I suggested "couples counseling." She is a counselor herself and she agreed on the spot to participate, and then asked me

who I had in mind. I told her I was still interviewing people at this point.


Very tellingly, she didn't ASK ME ONE SINGLE QUESTION. Nada. Other than the perfuncory, " how's it goin?" at the very beginning of the call.

No questions about my kids, job. NOTHING.


I told her that I was happy we still had a dialogue and how good it was to hear her voice. She did agree with this.


Then I had to go to work and suddenly she says she needs a couple of months before we go to counseling, adding again that she needs to think about it!


I am so f****** obsessed with getting her back it's ridiculous. I need to stop and just realize that if she wants to reconcile she's got to get the ball rolling. Crushed.

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gee's - she seems to have you jumping through hoops.


So all she done throughout the conversation was talk about herself and her life? no interest in you or your life? How does that work?


May i suggest going completely cold turkey? N/C at all. By calling her - you gave her back the control of the situation and she is calling the shots. NOT GOOD. NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU AT ALL.


I appreciate you want her back. I appreciate you are clearly willing to give anything a go if it means having her back.


Step back from the situation. remove yourself from it and look at what is in front of you.


She is playing games. She is too selfish and scared to completely let go - thus why she is keeping you hanging.


Go N/C and see if she contacts you.


hugs xx

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