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aurian, yup, i'm totally not good in crowded places, makes me feel uneasy especially when i'm by myself. i did end up using a different Yahoo account I created recently and was able to sign up for the website (yay, free 7-day trial). i went ahead and msg'd back that girl... we'll see how that goes. maybe i'll even start sending msgs to ppl i find interesting.


aurian, why don't you try it out too and let us know how many guys send you msgs.

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hmm, i ended up talking to the 2nd Yahoo girl and going out w/ her tonight to have boba (sugary tapioca drink). one of the things i realized is that with certain people (k, i'll be specific, asian girls), i just feel extremely confident and i'm on my game. i'm talking, charming, the whole 9 yards because i've had success in the past and been told i'm good looking. so i guess confidence breeds confidence. the first thing she said when she saw me "wow, you're tall"... haha, um, thanks? so i can tell when i'm leaving after talking for like 1.5 hrs, that i left a good impression (even though i said a lot of dumb things i probably shouldn't have... i'll table that to coming out of a 5 yr relationship and relatively non-existent dating experience). and this is going to sound cocky, but if i wanted to pursue this relationship, she could probably be my g/f in a few weeks. but i didn't really find her attractive (the pictures people post on Yahoo are definitely not always the same as RL pictures) and i don't really believe in pursuing relationships that aren't going to go anywhere. she'll probably get in touch with me in a few days. i suppose this is where i'm suppose to say ... "um, you're a really cute, nice girl, i just don't think it'd be a good match". i kind of want to say, i would love to stay friends because i can always use more friends in life, but i'm not sure how she would take it.


one of the things when i talked to her is i found out that she gets like 20 Yahoo personal msgs a day. that is friggin insane. PER DAY. she said she just started using it, but she's probably received like 200 msgs. i thought when i got 2 that, it was nice... damn, girls have it 1000x easier. i guess i should be honored that she msg'd me. she said that it's not about quantity, it's about quality which makes sense. and she said a lot of creepy guys old enough to be her father msg'd her. scary...


hmm, i wish i could get over this psychological barrier that prevents me from being more natural with other girls (it's not at all rational, but because i haven't had any success, i don't feel confident). i feel like i'm on egg shells a little bit, whereas with this girl, i really couldn't care less and that's really when i'm at my best because it's real, authentic, and i end up saying a lot of dumb, often times funny stuff which is the real me.

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