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Gf n i dont touch eachother

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I hav a gf that i live with. I am 16, gf and i love each other. We have been together for 4 months now. We havent touched eachother much lately i feel like we are two stranges. How can i make things back to like they use to be? And dont say i should break up with her we dont want to break up we love eachother

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Well you aren't giving me a lot to go on but I'll try to help.


I suggest you both sit down and talk about it. Make sure to use phrases like "I feel .... when we don't hug or kiss". Just see where her head is at and maybe she'll open up about what is going on.


You could also just initiate the affection yourself and see what happens. Hold her hand, put your arm around her, kiss her, etc.

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Maybe she doesn't understand what's going on either? It sounds to me like neither of you know whether to make a move on each other because you both feel like you'll be rejected by the other one.


By any chance have you two had a disagreement recently and now you both don't know where your relationship stands at the moment?


Try snuggling up to her when you're watching a dvd. Whisper in her ear that you love her. If you want her to make love to you tell her.


Don't forget none of us are mindreaders. Communication is the key to a successful relationship.


I'm sure everything will be ok soon.


Let us know what happens. Good luck

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I'm here to help you too, don't ever forget that.


We all make mistakes sometimes. They're valuable lessons we have to learn throughout our lives. Sometimes we get hurt in the process, but if we love someone deeply and don't want to lose them we have to think of a way of working through the problems.


You know where I am if you need me.


Take care.

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