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Why are we SO tied to the past?


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I sit and think about what if, so MUCH! Yes, quite a bit about my past relationship, but also about things I did, things I might be ashamed of, the way I might have treated someone, how I couldn't do things, etc.


One could just as simply think about good stuff, but a lot of us (at least from what I gather from the posts) think only about the bad stuff. I think it keeps us locked up in a perpetual state of, "see, I am not worth anything".


I am reading the book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" and it is really good. In it, the author writes to immediately replace a bad thought with a good one. For me, that is so hard.


I went home this past weekend and I watched my ex and her sisters just run all over the place, not caring whose room they were walking into or whose computer they decided it was ok to just use and part of me thought, man, I am so glad to be out of this THEN, I would think just an hour or so later, about how I miss her or the good times.


My point is, I have so much time now to do good things or things I want to do, without someone treating me either like a child or like I am not there and still I get sad.


I know it has only been about 4 months into the breakup, but I just wanna stop being, BLAHHH!

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