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crush's best friend asked me out


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what do i do?

on fri night i went out with my friends and ran into my crush' best friend ©. we split a cab home and he asked me to go out on a date. i told him to email me b/c the cab was getting to my house and i was sort of hoping he'd forget....


on sat i saw my crush (L) at a friends house. and we were both drunk or on our way to getting drunk. he was flirtng wiht me the whole time. holding my hand, kissing my cheek and neck, and having me sit on his lap. but come 10 pm he went home nad passed out.


on sunday, C had this little get together planned out. i had already said i'd go. right before i left L called, and we chatted and said he was going to the get together. i got there a little late and L was acting a bit weird. but not badly. after i left i emailed him something i had found on the internet that was funny, and he emailed me just a one line response, it was cute, but of course i was hoping for more...


last night C emailed me to ask me out. he emailed me late and i was going to try and reply tonight....


do guys act this way when they're not interested? is he not interested? was he just drunk? how do i turn C down as respectfully as possible ? is there a chance with L?


do i just say either:

1) not interestted b/c i'm interested in someone else

2)that i'm interested in L, not him

3)dating someone

4)get together with him and a bunch of friends rather than a solo date?



i think it's most appropriate to do either 1 or 2 but could use some help...

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well, i think C is really cool, but i'm not the least bit interested in him romantically...

and i don't know if L is interested...but i can't imagine that he would be more interested if i dated his best friend

he acts interested when we hang out,

and he'll message me smoething sweet sometimes....

i met him a year ago and he had a g/f , but they broke up in may....since then he asked for my number, the night he got it he wrote "julie, oh beautiful julie, if only i'd had your number months ago...."

sweet things like that....

and hten he went away to europe for the summer and returned a few weeks ago, and he did call, and i saw him briefly and then again on sat...we've emailed a few times, but that's it...

when he was gone he would message me now and then, but then i wouldn't hear from him for a while.

and we had so much fun on sat and every time i'm with him, i just get a little excited, you know?....i'mgonna be so sad if he's not....

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