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What a day!


I go home tomorrow, but I think I'm better about it now.

My boyfriend talked to me about it yesterday and made me feel just so much better!


He is the biggest sweet heart ever.


I'm sleepy I must admit.

And I'm not in the best condition right now.


People screwed up my whole anti-depression-prescription thing.

I bet by now you can tell that I don't care much.


Anywho, I've been 4 days without my medication.


Today they admitted their mistake (finally) and agreed to give me my medicine.


I'm so tired.

But things are okay.


If I think about certain things, for just a moment, my mood can completely change and I can become very sad.


Oh well, that's that I guess.


I feel so sorry for all rape victims.

I just felt like saying that.

I'm a rape victim, but I don't always feel sorry for myself.

I just get too used to things sometimes I guess.

Oh well.


Life is so interesting.

I'm starting to remember that it isn't all bad.


I guess I make it through just not thinking of things sometimes; or by living in a happy, fantasy world, a world where all bad things are ignored.

It's not such a bad gift to have.


I'm really excited about starting my diet when I get home.

I am a self-proclaimed diet-queen.

I can lose at least 20lbs. in a months time.


I just can't wait for my boyfriend to see me when I get back.

That's what makes me feel good.


I want to be new again, happy again.

I may even be able to see my counselor when I get back again.


I think things will be okay.


I don't know about the whole rape thing, that will always suck.


But I think I can be okay again.

It's all I really have to hope for.




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