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I don't know who to talk to so please hear me out.../vent/organizing thoughts


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[My Parents]

Dad wants me to cover him when he cheats on my mom.

-Hes having an affair with my friend and spends lots of money on her.

-I help him to keep our relationship going and we have gotten close, yet tell him to keep me out of it.


Mom wants me to go to church where I'm currently living.

-I just tell her 'yes' to keep her happy and this relationship going.

-She gives me a good amount of money to help me out right now.


*Mother just found out! She called and got it out of me vaguely. Father called and asked me what happened. I told the truth vaguely. He's in a mess.*


How I feel?


-Like I can't trust anyone

-And no one can trust me

-Like crap




I'm in college, and I don't have a job.

-I don't know what I could do.

-I just know I do not want to be a cook at some restaurant.

-I've been applying for different positions left and right.

-Its hard because my classes are all in the morning and afternoon.

-I have $800 in bills including: rent/utilities/cable split 3 way;credit cards;furniture;car note

-I have $800 for next month saved from a loan just in case.

-I have $60 to live on right now


How I feel?




I have 2 girl roommates, not that gender matters anyway, but I bet it would be different with 2 guys.


-Biggest pet peeve of mine: it seems like I'm the only one doing everything around the house.

-1 of them got a dog, and it is just like her. Sometimes the roommate is worse. Atleast she can cook.

-The dog goes restroom everywhere.

-The roommate just leaves stacks of dishes in the sink, and when I came back from this weekend there was 3 trash bags just outside the trashcan in the house.

-I try to restrict to cleaning up my own mess, but when theres no dishes to eat off of, I'll clean them anyway.

-The other roommate, she does nothing.


How do I feel?

-I don't want to come off bad, it just doesn't seem like my style for a mellow dude like me

-They are so superficial.



It is very non-existent in my life right now.

-I've had a crush on a professor this semester, but that's as far as it will go.

-I've had a crush on her roommate/my boss, but that's as far as it will go.


How do I feel?


-I don't have the spirit right now.

-I don't have any will.

-I don't even try.




I'm doing poor on my tests in my field of study...NOT GOOD.

-I made a 77 on one test and a 74 on another. Both in my field of study.

-I made a 30 on a quiz, but the lowest grade will be dropped.

-I'm studying really hard, whats wrong?!


How do I feel?



-I don't want to waste this opportunity I have.



I'd say its probably the best thing happening in my life right now.

-My circle is very round.


How do I feel?


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Let's tackle one thing at at time.


Your parents: stay out of that mess. Yes, it will affect you and how you feel (especially about your father) but that's a mess you can not possibly clean up. Realize that one is out of your control.


Money: get a job ASAP. At this point, it does not matter whether it's something you want to do or not. It's a matter of living. You won't be stuck in this job forever, so just keep in mind that it's only a job until you find a better one.


Studies: Get a tutor. Or, if you know any ask former students whom already took the class for any tips. Get a study partner. Do whatever it takes. Not all courses are easy and not all are difficult. School is a game like anything else - the syllabus is the rulebook and you find ways to get the highest grade within those rules.


Good luck and know that things won't be like this forever.

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