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Scared what he will do


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I have been with my boyfriend on and off for 8 months and we are in a long distance relationship to spice things up we exchanged a few saucy videos to one another. We work together and is sometimes quite hard when the other girls flirt with him on the phone. Basically things are not going to well and I really want a fresh start but am scared to death he will mention these videos and pictures to the other girls and may even send some of them out just to get back at me. I don't want to go to work dreading this everyday does anyone have any suggestions to help me please?

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He knows how much I fret about them and once before he has threatened to use them against me but he always gives the same crap I would never hurt you I love you but he has told me in the past what he did to his exs so am not putting it past him.


Alright, you need to fight fire with fire here. Try to get him to say that again, and secretly record it. I'm serious. He could go to jail for that, it's blackmail. All you'd need to do is play back him saying that to a cop, and you can be sure the cops will put a scare into him that will make him back off, he could even possibly get arrested for blackmail.


You know, you might even want to talk to the police now before you record anything, and see what they suggest you do. Don't let him know you're doing this, of course.


Let me tell you a little story based on my own experience. A long time ago, a previous boyfriend had snapped a silly picture of me as I was coming out of the shower with just a towel around my waist. I made a funny face to the camera, it was just a silly picture, but I wasn't fully clothed. Anyway, I completely forgot I had the picture until my next boyfriend - who was a jerk - found it and got so mad he said he was going to post it on the Internet. After he stormed off to go to work, I called the cops and told them what happened. I was scared, I did NOT put it past this guy to do such an awful thing. Well, they called him at work and warned him if he did that it would be illegal. They really took my concerns seriously and acted on them. Also, it was a female cop, so maybe if you could talk to a female one, she might be more helpful.

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