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dating wild and fun girls


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hey, i met this girl at a club last week. i kinda been knowing her for awhile. she knew that i just brokeup with my gf and asked me to dance with her. she"s a pretty wild girl and alot of fun to hang out with. i was singing kereokee and she dared me to sing the "thong song" she said if i sang the song she would sleep with me. of course i sang the song because i been wanting to sleep with her for a long time. she did sleep with me that night and now i like her but i wonder how wild she really is? she pretty much slept with me on a dare. is this a girl i can get serious with?

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And more importantly, with whom?


Ahh.. there's the rub...


If you two end up together, imagine the heartwarming story you have to tell your grandchildren about how it all began...


Too funny... and who knows... the "thong song" could be the wedding dance...


Seriously though, you ask questions that you are pretty well answering yourself. Why don't you ask *her*?

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