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So Confussed


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Im not sure if anyone read my post from August 2006, however brief overview of what went down!!!

Was with my man for 2 plus years pretty good some minor problems, but we took things really slow.

August 2006 went on our first vacation, went really bad, and i lost my temper.


2 months later and we have seen each other 2x both times where to talk about what should happen as we never clearly stated it was over, he said he just needed space to clear is head, wasnt sure if i had his back in the end.

both times he looked me in my eyes and said I WANT TO WORK THIS OUT.then of course we where intimate.

then things went back to him wanting space, and i must admit NC is the hardest thing for me, i have acting like a fool, calling, emailing texting MILLIONS of times.

well a few days ago i said its over, come to me when you are really ready to work this out, and he then called,me and emailed me i replied , we got into a fight then he said I TOLD YOU ITS OVER,

there is so much more to thsi story but i just dont know what to make of anything anymore, i feel like i ruined anything that might have worked out as he advised me i have pushed him away, i just dont know what to do, my thoughts are consumed by him.i feel like he has compltely changed before my eyes.

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So, you are being needy.


Don't worry sis... there, done that and got the stinkin' t-shirt.


Look, it is doing no good to YOU or YOUR self worth, to continue to email all the time. Let him go. Who wants to sit around and wonder if someone cares. I thought that all weekend and how much it hurts to care about someone and them not acknowledge you in that way.


I know one way to stop him from acting that way and that is to tell him to GET LOST!

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