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When love hits, what do you think?


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The first thing that popped into my head when I fell in love with my ex was:


"I can't believe have like 50 years ahead to spend with this guy!!!"


When I realized he didn't love me back, I thought:


"Jee, I wish I had really treasured every day of the last 2.5 years more than I did, thinking I still had 50 years to spend with him."

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Hahaha...I concur RW..I concur....


1) Oh wow....this quesey feeling in my stomach when I see an email, or their number on my caller ID..is pretty cool!!!


2) Hmmmm when are they GONNA call??? WHY haven't I heard from them in 3 days??


3) I wish _______ was here...I really misss them.. Oh SH*T!! I miss them!!


4) What could they POSSIBLY want with me? I know they don;t really

mean it when they say those things...do they???


5) I feel complete

6) I feel secure

7) I'm on cloud nine just knowing they are there

9 * * * am I getting myself into

10) YEP..I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!! I can't sleep. I can't eat. I think of things I'm

going to say three days before the day arrives. Make sure I look

perfect..and my palms get sweaty..... LOL

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Life is good! Make sure your seatbelts are fastened and keep your eyes on the road........good times ahead! If we run out of gas, it's ok, I've got money. If we break down it's ok, I'll call a tow truck. I know we're gonna laugh the whole way there. All I need is for her to help me read the map and she seems pretty good at it.....cool........let's rock! (Sorry, I'm kind of goofy sometimes!)

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LOL, never really fallen in love, but I was greatly infatuated on two occasions. The first time it was a crush for 2 yrs, but he turn out to be an immature jerk and so we never dated. Then the second time was infatuation but at the same time some emotions (though I would only talk to that guy online and he was far away).


Now with my current b/f, I just like him a bit more. Kinda infatuated I guess, but there are a few occasions I don't really think of him, I think of other stuff like my work, this site, and my own fantasies as I'm hugging my pillow.

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