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showing her i am not what she thinks

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i met this woman and i fell in love with her okay


after 6 months we go out and well i got ever drunk adn she had a few drinks anyway alot of things went down that nite and she came to a gas station to get me i was lost in a big city well i was mad at my self and what was going i had way to many drinkks


well i asked her to tell me how to get to the highway and she didnt just asked what was going why i was so mad i was going to tell her that nite i was planning on moveing to her city and wanted to let her know i was thinking of asking her to be my wife in time that she is the only one i want anyway when we went out i saw a friend i havent seen in 20 yrs so we drank and drank told stories and so on and started talking about fighting and so on lol but it was just talk like ill kick your butt as we did as kids and so on well she wasnt in to that and so she got up i was like man what was going on


anyway i walk out side she is in her van and said nite i was liek man this chick is leaveing me well we wasnt to far from her house any way but i took that to heart and then here we sit in the car a few hours later when i had all this great stuff to to her but was drunk and mad now anyway every thing got bad from there she pulled the keys out and broke the thing and the keys wouldnt work any more i was like okay look we have been satting here for an hour in a bad spot of town and you need to go now befiore the cops come she was like no and wouldnt go she has two kids at home and so on i wanted her to go she wouldnt so i was liekk well get this chick outta here anyway you can so i acted liek a nut and she stayed the long she stayed the more i nutted up


anyway now she thinks that i am teh kind of man that would hurt her and so on and i have never hit a woman in my life i dont even hit my son or yell at him anyway now i am broking hearted cus she is like give me space and so on and told me she doesnt want to lose me or push me outta her life but doesnt want to date me and one day we can become frineds based on trust and respect ,it kills me i asked her for a chance and asked if sshe ever given any one a 2nd she said yes but its a no go sayying that she has been hit by her exs and its going to stop


how can i show her that i am not a nut or would hit her okay wel the nut part i am but not in a way that would ever hurt her i talked with her the other day for the frist time and she was like in fear i can here it in her voice that made me sick after all that went down i havent been able to eat or sleep or any thing for days and now i heard that in her voice it hurts to the core of my being that she thinks that way of me and that i have hurt her that way

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