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This is a strange one.


One Dream, two parts.


Part One:


I'm in a long low chamber of some kind. A white figure is beside me, I know he's male, and white, but I can't see his face. Suddenly I'm aware of a thin, small, very well made, delicate dagger in his hand. He says "this is for your sins, you'll fel so much better".


Despite my saying "NO", he grabs my right index finger and draws blood from it with the dagger. I'm shocked.


Part Two:


My father, for some reason, has picked me up in his car and now we're headed home. Home, though, is a different house, fairly nice, with a slated roof. And there is a huge, huge snake - like an anaconda - gracing the house. I have a voice in my head , "the snakes are taking over the world, they ARE", and it's scary as heck. Inside the house, a pile of dead snakes randomly sit around. There's an art studio in this house.


it's full of very childlike paintings. My mother comes in and says - "Yes, you can tell what's happening, look the paintings are growing". As I stare at them, they appear bigger and bigger.


More random images of a snake.


Then I wake up.




I believe, traditionally, snakes and blood are all about energy or psychic energy or something. Any insights from the floor?

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Hey ALS,


I think dreams actually don't have any great meaning.


Your mind can take a whole slew of images that you had before going to sleep.


And then combine these together during REM sleep.


The mind has an amazing imagination and one that is really confusing.


Your dreams were interesting, but I am not sure what they mean.


Other than, they were conjured from pieces of your life.


Hugs, Rose

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