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Im Losing My Best Friend


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hello everyone, i have a friend, she is going through a lot right now. emotionally she is unstable. she has been feeling depressed a lot in the recent weeks and has been cutting herself. i don't know what to do to help her and to stop her from inflicting herself. the cuts aren't deep, but i'm worried that eventually they shall become so. i ask my friend why she does it and she says she can't pinpoint one exact reason, because it is a lot of reasons, little things like seeing someone or hearing something that gets on her nerves...like someone walking around dragin their feet irritates her and she goes into an irritated state and all those depression feelings rush to her. she goes to counseling but it doesnt help, they have put her on medication, but to me it seems that she has only gotten worst since she started her medication. i don't know what i can do to help her stay happy, things we used to do for fun are no longer fun for her and she's my best friend, i dont want to lose her, she is my only friend. if anyone could please respond with advice on what i should do to help my friend out of this hole... she recognizes that she has a problem but doesn't know the exact source because every little thing triggers it and she doesnt know how to stop feeling the way she does, for me as her friend, i'm dying watchin her do things to herself and be that way...what else can i do for her?????

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what you can do is be there, just be there.

Your strenght will gide her throw this, and if not then trying

is what matter above all things.


Be her rock, this storm she is in the waves will wosh her away, give her some thing to hold to and more look upto as some one whos stands as faces all storms.


Some times just to be near some one like that can help us swim when we should be sinking.


so be her rock, you need do no more than that




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