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Am I fat???


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If you want to feel better about your body, maybe change your lifestyle. Try to workout a couple times a week.


I don't think you are fat, but just hearing that your not fat won't make you feel completely better about yourself. Sometimes we just need to change a few things about our lifestyles to really feel good about ourselves.

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Everyone always tells me im hott and everything.


Thats what people always tell me....

But i think they are just saying that.

Im 15 years old im almost 5''10 and im 175 pounds....

Am I fat??

Tell the truth.





I'm 5'11" and weight 190lbs., but I look fit. Everyone has a different body type.


If you want to know your body fat%, you can get that checked out with your physician.


You're 15, so I think it's the best time for you to start eating right and working out, because 2 things are happening:


1.) Your producing a LOT of hormones right now that can help you natually build up muscle fast and help you stay fit easier through out your life if you start now.


2.) Fat cells are mainly split around puberty, so the fat you rack up now will be the fat you keep. The cells will just expand and shrink according to your caloric intake.


So, you're not FAT persay, but workout!~~


If you need any tips, PM me!

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