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Depression has settled in. Going on 2 weeks of NC. We were together 2 years. The depression seems to be helping to wipe out some-but not all

of the obsession. It looks and feels like a grey, colorless world. I still

cling to her last words to me-"I love you too." And her saying she might

be open to a reconcilitation-but couldn't say when. Tried to call a girl

I met once about a year ago-but she didn't pick up. Probably a good thing in my condition.

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I cmopletely sympathise with you. I am on day two of NC. My BF broke up with me on saturday. I texted him once on the sunday just to make sure there was none of my stuff at his house. Apart from that I haven't contacted him. Its so hard. I was with my boy for two years as well. We lived together for the first year or so and after a break up and a reconciliation in March we went for another six months before he decided we just weren't working out. I took him back too. This time however, I don't think there will be a third attempt.

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hey dude i know all about depression. the only cure is self-improvement. start working out. i'm a scrawny dude so obviously working out has never been something i've even wanted to do but it will really help keep your mind of off things and will help you sleep better at night.


call old friends. the worst thing you can do for depression is sit at home feeling sorry for yourself. pick up a new hobby. i'm about to start playing guitar. get active and do something.


best of luck

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