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Is it okay to flirt with her?


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This is a bit of a follow-up to a really long thread I started a few days ago; the replies were few, and I was disappointed (not with the responses but with the quantity of them)


So there's this girl who I see all the time at school. She's been with this guy for around two weeks almost, and it doesn't seem to be going well; it seems that he likes her, but she's not so interested. Anyway, she and I have been flirting more and more, and in more obvious ways as days progress. For example, today we had a "student leaders'" meeting, and I sat accross from her. For the whole hour and a half we played with a bean, first me hiding it in one of my hands, and she guessing where it is, and then she doing it. The game wasn't so important, but we hardly took our eyes off each other the whole time. Then, when we started atracting attention we stopped, but played a game of "glance tag."


My question is, is it okay to do this; or should I wait until they're broken up for sure? The problem with that is that I want to make it obvious that I'm interested.


The original post is here:

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