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Weak and Confused


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You told me I could count on you

Your promises and actions made me believe

I listened and now you have determined

That my dependency on you is all you can see


You told me you loved my strength

That my positive nature caught your eye

Yet through constant critical words

I become weaker as time passes by


You told me that you were here to stay

That your goals were the same as mine

You told me that our plans would never fray

Through all of the whispers, I become blind


You told me that you understood my insecurities

But with you I didn't need my guards

I hesitated but let them all down

For the first time in awhile, I gave my heart away


You told me you could see a future

And quickly swept my childrens hearts away

Yet as the future becomes the present

I realize it's not only me but also them that will pay


You told me it's not all about me

I questioned myself and agreed that it's not

Emotionally it hurt like the sting of a bee

Little notes and lessons in my notepad I would jot

So I could be who I needed to be


You didn't tell me that you may be lying

Not only to me but also to yourself

You didn't tell me that you were hurting

That you didn't have the strength

To make promises of forever


Now – Now I sit here at a loss

I bounce back from feeling strong then weak

I feel more alone now than ever

And you haven't even had the decency to speak

The truth – that the ties you may sever


Now – Now I sit here and analyze

The changes that happened so quickly

You're no longer excited to see me

But you refuse to admit that you are having second thoughts

You write it off as my insecurities

Could you please just tell me what direction

Remember, I am no longer strong and I can't see

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