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What happened?


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Hi guys...just looking for some answers.


I met a girl a week ago (yes it hasn't been that long) and fell pretty hard for her, we started hanging out after school and hooked up 3-4 times, all really fun and she seemed completely and totally into me. She's driven and for her to take a couple hours out of her school work was a pretty big deal I think. The last night we hooked up for about 2 hours, and talked, and really got along and I asked her if she was happy she had found me and she said yes and she expressed to me that she was sad she didn't see me as much as she could during the day. Obviously she was giving me some pretty strong signals, and she was kissing me even when I didn't initiate it.


24 hours later she said she thought we should stop. She said she didn't want a relationship and that she still liked her old boyfriend, who graduated and lives overseas. Obviously I was a little shocked, the evening before still fresh in my memory. Abrupt, to say the least. I had a conversation with her the next day and asked her if really was all her old boyfriend or if there was something more to it. (Maybe she just wasn't attracted to me anymore? But 24 hours after hooking up with me for 2+ hours and having a great time?) She seemed really reluctant to say anything more, and said she honestly didn't know (I pressed her pretty hard, probably more than I should have) and I tried to get an answer out of her. I finally got her to tell me not to keep my hopes up and that I shouldn't expect a relationship. I felt pretty damn bad, she really caught me blindsided there. I'm wondering how something like this might have happened? Is she really just confused? Does she not want a relationship with me at all or is she just carrying too much emotional baggage to know? Should I totally give up? I'm going to give her space. I will say her old boyfriend was a pretty big deal, I don't think she had met anyone else before him and they dated for 9 months and they still keep in touch. Do I still have a chance even though she told me not to try to get in a relationship with her? Is it me? Is it her boyfriend? What's going on...


What should I do?

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Dude if you're worrying this much about a 1week relationship I can't imagine what you'd be like in situations similar to what everyone else here has been through. Honestly, that doesn't even need to be posted.


She still has stuff with her ex. Leave her alone. You are just an airbag for her right now.

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