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NO DON'T let him win, don't let him break you, don't let him take your hope and ruin what is clearly a loving giving nature. Up until now you've been trying to throw pearls before swine. Believe me there are guys out there who will appreciate beyond compare who you are and what you have to offer. I know it's hard because you met with a wrong element and you may even be hurt that your love and devotion was so cruelly thrown back in your face, it doesn't make sense, but that was HIS stupidity NOT YOURS. I think as long as you deny he was in it for selfish reasons and continue to look for some obscure nonexistent other reason then the more your heart will cling to the possibility that you'll get back together, then the more depressed you'll be and the harder it will be to shake yourself from the pit of no hope. I'm not telling you to hate the guy, in time he may even realise what an idiot he's been but by the time that happens you'll be seeing things a lot more clearly. Girls did to me what your BF did to you and it made me so bitter I in turn did it to a girl who only wanted to give me her heart. It very nearly became a vicious cycle but thankfully I had the courage to break it and while I've ruined my chances with someone I know I loved it's a lesson learned the hard way, PLEASE don't do the same.

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Hey Cherry-


Let me give you an anology...(its the way i kept myself from going back)


If you were in a potentially dangerous situation and someone had captured you and was going to hurt you...but YOU GOT AWAY...with just a few scratches....would you go back to "see" if he was going to REALLY hurt you...or would you keep running and be grateful you got out alive?

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That is SO true...I loved the "throwing pearls before swine"...great image! You're right, I can't hold on to that. Maybe he did realize what an idiot he is, which might be why he calls after that, acting like he cares. Some days I'm angry, some days sad, some days I say "good riddance". I want to get to the point where it doesn't affect me one way or the other. It gets better by the day.


HHWH: Great analogy--no I wouldn't! I guess that's like not answering returning my ex's calls, etc...I would not want to open the door to let him hurt me again.

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