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Vivid Dream that really freaked me out

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I had no idea where to put this...dreams seem they would fit in here.


A little background first - I just got promoted at work...I applied for the job because I pretty much dislike my boss and because I was bored. This step up though is going to require me going to meetings with my current boss that I dislike and I will be working back in the the office - whereas right now I am a telecommuter. The reason I dislike my boss so much is because I get the most uneasy feeling around him - I have ever since I met him over a year and a half ago. This uneasy feeling stems from the fact that I think he really likes me in "that" way - it wouldn't be so bad if I was the only one to feel it - but others at work have noticed it as well. It's like he gives me preferential treatment and always nominates me for the pay raises and bonuses (I know that's not a bad thing). Basically he gives me that vibe - whenever I come into the office to work he always has to come over and hang out around my desk and try to talk to me - but it's SO awkward - he's also 10 years older than me...I'm 24 and I think he's 36 so he's 12 years older.


Ok done with the background info...apparently my subconscious is really upset with this promotion because I'll have to be seeing him everyday. This dream is really ODD. It starts out in the restroom at the office. (another bit of background - I have a LOT of bathroom dreams where people can either see me in there doing my business or something else - I have no idea why I always dream like that)


So I'm in the bathroom...and this bathroom has a really really big stall in this dream. I'm in there doing my business when my boss walks in - we'll call him C. He starts talking to me like I did something wrong - he was explaining something about work that I messed up on...but the entire time I'm thinking - "why does he have to tell me this HERE?!" - but I just sit there hoping for it to get over with. Pretty much I'm terrified of him at this point. Then he starts pacing around the stall (remember it's kinda big) and he comes right up to me...I'm sitting there on the TOILET! And he's staring down at me and then I say "What the crap are you doing?" and then he kisses me on the lips. Right then I get up and say "Why are you doing this? - you need to get out right now!" and I was really firm and he left. At this point in the dream I get out of the bathroom and walk back into the office and start telling people - pf course C had left by then...the rest of my dream is spent figuring things out and other random stuff - but that's the bulk of the dream.


Even though this was just a dream is FELT so real and now I am completely weirded out. I know that from now on I won't be able to look at C the same way once I do start working in the office again... I guess my take on this dream is that I fear that once I start having daily contact with him his "weirdness" vibe may increase and he may start developing some sort of crush (to be honest I think he already has that though) - the weirdest part of all is that he barely got married this past summer and has a baby on the way. Let me make it clear too that I have absolutely no interest in this guy...he just creeps me out to NO END. He hasn't done anything yet to warrant these feelings...it's just all the little things I've noticed that make me wonder - I actually have a very strong feeling that he had something to do with my promotion as well...I feel he may have pushed it along more than he should have.


Anyways - any thoughts or ideas on this would be appreciated...anyone have any experience decoding dreams? haha](*,)

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I'm a big believer in listening to your dreams, especially the ones that feel real, and really stick out. There is a book on these kinds of dreams called "Healing Dreams". I've found it to be very interesting. I also like the website link removed for analyzing things. I've also read and feel that the more vivid a dream, the more literal the interpretation.


The thing that sticks out most to me in your dream is when your boss leans in to kiss you and you say "why are you doing this - you need to get out right now!". To me it sounds like your subconsious is trying to tell you exactly that - get out of your job soon b/c it's not going to get any better with your boss. According to link removed bathrooms relate to your "instinctual urges" which again are telling you that this is a bad situation.

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I agree with Mun.


You are sitting in a bathroom...thereforeeee you cannot get up or defend yourself as usual. He's taking advantage of that so you'd feel vulnerable and helpless.


He is a superior, so you can't just go up to him and tell him how you feel, right? This would also make sense...he's making you uncomfortable and in too much of your "personal space," and you feel confused and repressed.


Just my take anyways.

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Wow thanks for all the perspectives...I feel a bit better now as the day has gone on a bit. Part of me was wondering about the idea that maybe I AM attracted to my boss - thinking about this all day has made me sort of realize this...but from the beginning I've pretty much gone along with the crowd of disliking him (many people dislike him and some have even transferred departments because of him) - but perhaps there's a tiny part of me that is attracted to him somehow?


I'm not sure...there's no way I'm giving up my job because of this one guy - I won't be working with him forever because I'll either move up or he will...so I'll just see how things go - I start working back in the office on Oct. 2 so I have a week to figure out this crap in my head

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