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Feel so angry!


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I feel as if a close friend of mine has pulled away. It seems like no matter what they do they don't have any interest in me anymore. It's hard because I have many friends but why am I letting this get to me so much? Everytime I try and talk about it with them, all I seem to do is piss them off. They don't ever call or inquire about me anymore, even though we have the same small group of close friends. So I can't escape seeing him. But still, I feel so rejected and I'm old enough for it not to upset me like this.


I actually feel angry. Really angry!

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You feel rejected. It's not a good feeling. I wish I could say something to make you feel better but the truth is there will be many times that friends lose touch or just move on. Often times we just grow apart.


You can't make him be your friend if he has lost interest. The best thing is to surround yourself with the friends you already have and try to move on. Remember there are other people that love you and you matter to them even if this one doesn't want to be around you anymore.


I know it hurts

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