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whats going on????


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Ok let me save myself some time by letting you read the last thread I started.

Okay. So theres this girl i like and i asked her out. She said im not saying no but lets give a few weeks. Today we went to a football game. Me and her were walking by ourselves. She was playing with her necklace and everything and then all the sudden she kissed me

OK i dont know what to do



Ok so I asked her out again and she said it wont work because were too far away or something like that. Were only about 30 mins away. SHe told my friend shes worried about not being able to see me enough. I have no clue what to do now because i really like her, a lot.

What should I do?

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Well, if you really like her, I'd suggest to her the distance issue might not be as bad as she thinks and that you guys should give it a try. If it doesn't work, at least we tried, right? This would be easier if you guys both drove but I take it you both don't?


If she gives you another excuse, walk away from the situation because that more than likely means her distance "reason" is an excuse too and she just isn't into you.


Let's try this and go from the result...

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like what should i say to her?

im completely stupid in the whole "relationship feild"


Well, ask her out again. That football game idea seemed to work last time...


If she gives you the same line about the distance, that would be good, because if she gives you some other excuse you know it is BS and she just isn't into you...


So let's assume she gives you the distance story again. You should ask her if she wants to talk about it. Then go somewhere where you have some privacy and explain to her basically we'll never know unless we try. It can't hurt if we gave it a try, right?


Start there...

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thanks for the help...

oooh and btw

she didnt actually tell me the whole distance thing

my friend kinda asked her about it and everything

buuuuut ill ask her and if she tells me the same thing ill just go from there i guess..


Yeah, if she shuts you down again, ask her why. If she tells you it's because of distance, ask her to talk about her feelings. Listen to what she says and feel the situation out. Then bust out the "we'll never know unless we try" line.


If she gives you some other reason, I'd walk, because this will only be the tip of the iceberg with her playing with you I suspect...

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It sounds like this girl you are interested in has distance issues. I have them too and my boyfriends house it only a 9 minute walk from mine! haha, but for me I feel left out easily when hes with his friends and goes out of town, it makes me insecure.

I think if you really like her you gotta keep trying, let her know that she doesn't have to worry about the distance and you'll try to see her as much as possible. 30 minutes isn't far, she souldn't have anything to worry about, let her know that.

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i said

hey i dont want to seem weird or anything but what was ur reason for it not working?


Hmmmm, she might be thinking about it, might be figuring out what to say, might be avoiding the issue.


You should talk to her about this in person I think. Get an answer. That way you can see her body language, her tone, things like that...


At least it's out there so when you do talk to her in person, she'll be prepared. Not a bad idea...

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This thing isn't done yet. She kissed you, remember?


Don't give up yet, at least give it a fair shake with a face-to-face talk...don't let MySpace bring you down like it has many others around here!


"I checked her MySpace page and she said she had a boyfriend and now I can't sleep"

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