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I just got back from spending several weeks visiting my bf in his country. I thought things went fairly well there.


Today I was compelled to snoop again.


this thread is somewhat related although this is a different girl



I read his outbox on a msg board we both go to. Seems he has messaged this girl in another country a few times. I didn't think much of it until I read this last message. This is what he sent her. He must have sent this while I was sleeping. I just found it inappropriate. He wrote:


"How you doin'?

Haven't seen you around much.

Hope you're okay.

My shoulder hurts. Need someone to pop it back into it's socket for me.

Would you do the honors?"


She hasn't responded. This girl probably only posts to the board half dozen times a year. Do you think he was just trying to be funny or does it seem overly flirty?


Once again, I have no idea how to confront him with this since I found it snooping.


Also he is having another crisis so I don't want to bring it up right now.


Granted while I was there, I did meet up with another poster from the same msg board, a guy, but it is strictly friendship. We met at a coffee shop for about 40 minutes. I thought maybe my bf was jealous over that but he didn't say anything.

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I am confused.


If he's done this before, and you are snooping, obviously you don't trust him. BellaDonna pointed out in your other thread that the real problem was not addressed and so it may happen again, and it seems that it has.


If you can't trust him, if you feel you have to snoop on him, and if he's disrespecting you and your relationship by soliciting attention from other women- why are you with him still?

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