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Taking over


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Okay so let me explain,


There are two girls that are my girlfriends best friend right?


Well my problem is that girl#1: My girlfriend practically lives there due to school issues, she needs a place to stay in order to go to school. Well thats fine and dandy but it's like now days both of them are clones... Girl 1 is practically saying the same things she does, does everything together, takes all my girlfriends attention away from me and I'm jelous of this and I don't know why. IT REALLY IRITAITS ME. I've talked to the both of them about this but it's still the same, nothing changed I feel like there is nothing I can do about it. I feel like I'm dating two people or something.


Then girl # 2: I'm jelous of her because she takes up my girlfriends attention by taking her to raves all the time, and my girl doesn't bother to invite me so I feel like they are doing something behind my back and it makes me feel like crap. Not to mention every time something goes wrong between them girl # 2 uses my girlfriend and always ask's for things and really doesn't do anything with her for days then all of a sudden something comes up.


Just lately I feel like my attention is being sucked away and I don't get any of it from my girl due to the fact of other people. I do try and put myself out and talk but for some reason others seem to ignore me or take it away.


So if anyone can please help me out or give advice I'd really like it. Thank you so much.

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I agree with southerngirl, have a serious talk with her about it. Be careful how you approach her about it, though. Make it so that she knows that you want to spend more time with her, and not so much that her friends are getting between you two.


If that doesn't work then just ask her out before her friends do, that way even if they ask them to a rave or something, she'll already be busy.

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Let her know how you are feeling, I had a jealousy problem when my boyfriend was spending a lot of time with his gay friend (his friend was actually gay and had feelings for my boyfriend) and it really irritated me to see him hanging around him all the time cause I felt like he was slipping away.


I talked to my boyfriend about it (face to face) and let him know exactly how I was feeling about the whole situation, since then he's told his friend to back off a bit and they only hang out like once a week and I'm fine with that, plus now we are as tight as ever and he loves spending a lot of time alone with me.

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