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period.. fustratedd..


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i keep posting about how i cud be preg.

i used a condom everytime, but a few times we didnt put one on until half way through. Yes i do know the outcome of that.

im late and the past week ive taken 3 test and they were all Neg. Including i took one when i woke up this morning and it was Neg. as well.

Im a real paranoid person, & i dont know what else it could be.

Im not on B/C. but i use to be and i remember when i stopped taking it i didnt get my period after that. But i dont think that has anything to do with this time because i got my period last month. It was Verrrry Light.

Im not sure if it has to do with ive been working out Alot too, taking kickboxing and bodytoning classes 4days a week. But i just been feeling drained and a little sick and stressed. but i dont wana just sit here and think "ohh thats the reason i havent gotten my period" when at the same time i sit here and think "im pretty sure im pregnant"

i dont know what to think.

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Are you a very thin person?


It is possible if you are very thin and working out alot that you may miss a period or even more, since the hormones that produce your period require fat to synthesize.


However, as Annie said, we cannot diagnose you online obviously, so your best bet would be to get to a doctor and have a blood test done.


and in the future, have your guy put the condom on BEFORE you start sexual intercourse, since in addition to the scare you're having now, that method does NOT protect you against STI's.

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Simple answer is all of the above. Until you've seen a doctor - you won't know, and we for sure won't either.


Exsessive excersise and stress can cause us ladies to miss or be late. We are very delicate creatures really.


Don't have risky sex...EVER AGAIN!! until you are ready to make babies.


Go see that doctor!!

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