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1 question but no answer !!


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ok i don't know why i chose abuse when i thought of posting a letter here ... but i feel that my emotions , my feeling , my heart ,my body , my time and my all were abused !

i am really having a great problem over here ... i lost my bf .. it's ok cause he cheated on me and we went through alot of fight and all the reasons that anyone can and cant imagin went through it ...

my real serious problem it's been a year i am trying to heal and i cant forget him i see him everywhere and when i started huh to get him 1 hour in a day out of my mind ! i saw him two times ! and i got all my feelings back ! I CANT FORGET how he used to talk to me , touch me , the songs and everything we talked about ! ok what shall i do i wanna get over him but its been a year now !


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Try "The Little Book of Letting Go".


Think of the BAD times you had together.


I know this one is hard - but don't take it personally. Imagine you were the dumper (have you ever dumped anyone?) and come to terms with his feelings, just as you may have felt if you ever dumped someone.


Do something fun, exciting, get your heart rate up...live life.


I know it's hard, I'm going through it.


We're born alone and we'll die alone - we can get through it.


Trust in your higher power!


And by all means = post on eNA to vent - get it all out! Write something that purges your emotions unitl it hurts!


We're here for ya!

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Yes, i can relate, i too was left without answers to why, but as it is, you have to move on as i have been told so many times....it is hard and i am struggling myself.. But as it is, i listening to alot of what my X-gf would call my angry music....it works for the most part. but there are those times of the night, in the wee hours, that i think of her, and remember....


and sometimes its these hurts that dont heal, and they never will, its in how you handle them, i know one of the things that sting the most is how she preceived my telling her my emotions, in her eyes it made me weak, less of a manly man so to speak....little does she realize that there is no great love for a person then the love you give that is deep within the heart and the soul....


wish you well...

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