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My fathers mental illness- not sure what it was?


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I was thinking back with a close friend tonight about my father. He was a nice loving man, a good dad, kind, gentle, funny. Everyone loved him.

Never yelled or got angry. Very understanding.

Then suddenly one day he started screaming at me and my mom non-stop. I was 10,,he would yell about his problems,her family, etc... it went on every night, screaming on the top of his lungs, then cursing alot, complaining to me and cursing.

He was also acting weird, the look in his eyes wasnt right anymore. He seemed creepy and weird.

My Mom changed the locks on the door and he did not come back until some years later.


I always wondered what happened, what mental illness did he have?

Its important for me to find out because it was really traumatic for me.

I have asked my Mom, I honeslty believe her when she tells me she does not know. She told me she tried to get him to see a doctor and she told me he would scream and tell her she needs a doctor.


My father had cancer a month after i was born, it went into remission but he did take chemo pills. My Mom thinks maybe the cancer or the chemo affected his mind but I'm not sure.


I just cant believe someone could change like that overnight. Anyone have any ideas or opinions on what was wrong with him?


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It's hard to diagnose someone based on memory.


He could have been schitzophrenic, or suffered from bi-polar disorder.


Have you thought about seeing a professional counselor? That might help you through the trauma you went through as a child, and also aid you in figuring out what mental illness your father had to deal with.

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yeah it's hard to find out what happened. i saw on HOUSE that this guy had emotional outrage towards people, uncontrollable. they found out it was something in his brain that released too much of one chemical. ( it's a real disorder, forget the namet though).


Have you tried asking the doctor? It's not normal that he'd change overnight since he was a sweet man for 10 years.


r are u able to get in touch with your dad?

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