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My only Wish


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My only Wish

I only wish things were different

If only we could start a new

And your heart were not the captive of another

For if it were as I hope

You would be the center of my world and I yours

But I was too late and fate carried you off

So I sit and watch, see when you’re happy or sad

Feel when you’re afraid and apologize when you’re mad


There is no comet that would grant my wish

No gin, genie, leprecon or fairy

The consequence would be the destruction of time and space

But if there was even a hint of a way

My selfish heart would feverishly seek it

For it gallops every time I see you

And races when you’re near


As I pen my soul’s deepest desire

I will watch your glee from wherever it may come

For your happiness is one of my heart’s true content

Maybe our hearts will find each other in another life

So with this hope I sit at the gates of eternity and wait your love.





By V a l e n s k i

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