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She's taken; Am I being stupid?


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So to start off, I'm in high school; here's my "problem":


There's this girl who I like, and I have a bit of a backround with her. A few months ago I'm pretty sure she liked me, but I liked this other girl, and made it pretty obvious. That "other girl" turned out to not like me, so I moved on.


I started noticing the current girl more, and more, and started liking her. I thought she might still like me, but I'm not good at making the first move, so I just started talking to her slowly (progressively). Then I noticed her kinda looking at me, and looking away really fast when I glanced her way.


Next part needs a little backround, so I'll give it. I hold a position in a marching band, so that I conduct, and she plays the saxophone. We started making alot of eye contact, sometimes really prolonged (7ish seconds without saying a thing, and from a distance). (Later on I'd wonder if it was just because I was conducting)


I finally decided one day that I would ask her out to eat, but that same day she, apparently, got with some guy.


A little more backround: she had rejected that same guy a few times back when I'm pretty sure she liked me, but he persisted.


I told myself I'd just forget it, but I couldn't, convincing myself that I still had a chance with her. Anytime I see them together he's trying to get close to her, but she distances herself from him, usually putting her best friend between them, or just scooting towards her friend, away from him. (I wonder if this is because she doesn't like him, or because it's "band policy" that during any band related activity there will be no "PDA". (public display of affection)


A few days ago, at a football game, I noticed her, out of the corner of her eye, looking at me. (Again, wondering for what reason) Then, right before the half time show, I playfully told her not to mess up and cry about it (which she had done the year before, because she had a solo). She pretended to be insulted, and I just ignored her for the time being, because we had to get ready. Then, her friends started coming up to me, telling me that I was messed up for saying that to her. I went up to her, and asked if she knew I was playing, but she pretended to be mad. I said I was sorry, but she continued to pretend she was mad. Then I told her that If she messed up, I'd throw myself to the floor, taking the attention off her, and onto me, and she smiled. She said, "I know you're playing" and held out her arms, and I hugged her. (we had never really been close enough to hug, but I didn't want to pass up the chance.) It turned out that we messed up, and she thought it was her fault, but I said it was mine.


The next day I got to school early, because I needed to study. She was there, and just kind of lingered around me, making small talk. Then she went away to have breakfast, and I studied hard, having lost some time with her. She came back, and I was finished, so I went up to her little "group" of friends, and talked to them giving her a little special attention. We played around, teasing each other, and even got into a little tickle fight, but then it was time for school, and her boyfriend was coming. They walked off (awkwardly as usual), and sat near each other, with her putting her friend between them. Later on, she'd yell out accross the hall to me smiling, trying really hard to get my attention, and just say "Bye, *NAME*" I smiled at her, and waved.


Then, later on, my friends and I were having a conversation on couples, and she and her boyfriend came up. They (my friends) said that they always saw them making out, and that they needed to get off each other! I wasn't sure if they were being sarcastic, because they all laughed, but I didn't want them to know I was into a girl that was taken. (wouldn't hear the end of it)



To me, it seems like she's showing some interest in me, and I in her, yet she has a "boyfriend." Am I being stupid and misinterpreting everyone's actions, or is there really something there? I tried to be as objective as possible, as to not obscure anything, so give me your opinion. By the way, if you read the whole thing, thank you! Please help!

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I've been trying to convince myself to just get over it, and her, and move on, but sometimes I just want to see her desperately. Since she and her boyfriend don't seem to be working out (they've only been together for around two weeks), would it be worth waiting? She's a very nice person, and I think she might be afraid to hurt him, since she already had before.


Anyways, if I decide to wait or not, it always takes me a considerable amount of time before I can look at another girl. I realize this makes her sound promiscuous, but she really isn't; I think this is her second "boyfriend" ever.

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As an update, I'd like to add that today she and her "boyfriend" were walking in front of me, and she noticed me. She then stopped, and went in the opposite direction for a second, but then continued in the original direction, now behind me. She made some comment to me, saying something like "Oh, you walk this way *_________*? I didn't know that!" Then I walked faster, trying to get some distance between them and I.


After school, though, there was this "student leaders'" meeting. I sat accross from her, and we made faces at each other, and played with beans (yes, beans) the whole time. (along with some glance tag)


Maybe I'm just on a little hopeful high right now, but I'm starting to really believe that she will break up with her boyfriend very soon for me. Your previous comments have said that I should move on because she has a boyfriend, but considering the circumstances, what would you advice?

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