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This guy i consider as a good friend flirts with me alot.


[i'll explain]


when i lean my head on the table he touches my face n the back if my head, he touches my arms and pokes me in a play way..when i'm sitting on the table in my classroom he sometimes comes and hugs me and he just stsands there with me leaning against him [and i don't object]..i lyk our relationship but he has a girlfriend and i'm not sure what he means by all of it because he acts the same way to her as well...



what do you think he means..what should i do??

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Welcome to ENA __stacey__! Great to have you around here!


He has a girlfriend? This dude sounds simply to be a flirt. People do this. I've known women to flirt with guys like you describe here right in front of their boyfriends...


So that's what I think is going on. Now, how do you feel about it?


If this bothers you, either you don't like him doing this simply because of the action or because of the principle behind it (him having a girlfriend), start by telling him to stop. Start objecting. Don't do this playfully, be firm and serious about it.


Now, if you like this activity, realize he made a choice to call this other woman his girlfriend and not you. Think about that...

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Well he sounds like a flirt to me. I think you should move on, you deserve much better!


He knows that you know that he has a girlfriend, and yet you're still flirting with him. So if you're wondering if he likes you that way, I'd say a little. But don't expect him to leave his girlfriend or anything.

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