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Over the past few months i've tried to put my problems behind me and bottle up wat I feel. I carn't do that any more the pain is just to great.


The first problem is my friends i have no social life i carn't go out with them cus they have bf's and it looks funny. i feel alone and unloved.


My second problem is tom he was a great friend but last April he died of Cancer. it was like half my soul being ripped out and no one was there to listen to me they all had problems of their own and i helped them trying to forget. whenever i cried i would stop myself telling myself it was stupid other ppl where far more upset.


My third problem is school i have been constently bullied since year 7 and i am now in year 11. I tend ot ignore it but somthimes it comes back and makes me upset and angry at myself for being so ugly and fat.


My fourth problem is me i'm so ugly and i feel like i don't belong i just somtimes want to die. i do everything wrong and everyone is quick to point it out. i wish i could b liek other girls with bf's, slim figures and everything else but i carn't.


Ppl will probly take one read of this and say wat an idiot its not like a massive problem but to me it is and i feel so alone. Why does life have to be this way ?

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