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Does anyone know about cosmetology licenses?!

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Alright well i graduated in july of this year from cosmetology school and i just now took my state board test today and you are suppose to get a 75 or higher and i got a 74!!! im so upset but thats another story, does anyone know how long you can work without a license? I work at a salon now but im afraid i might get fired because i wont have a license now, i can take it again in 30 days, if anyone knows anything about this please let me know ASAP! thank u!

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ThanksCool lady


Kallen...you need to REAPPLY to take your state board exam...I am in Florida....not sure how the laws apply in YOUR state (you should call and find out) but in Florida..as long as you have reapplied to take the part of the exam you failed...they will allow you to work in a salon..BUT you have to have PROOF that you have in FACT reapplied. You then are required to retake the part of the exam you failed..and if you fail again....more hours are required in school before you are eligible to reapply for the state board again.


Call the state board office for your state..they should be able to guide you.

Please make sure you follow through. This is a wonderful career. Don;t waste all the time and effort you put into getting where you are!! Good luck!!!

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